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Please read these Frequently Asked Questions so you can better understand our process.  

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us here so we can discuss your specific needs.

Can I talk to someone more about the process before deciding if I'm ready to sell?

Yes!  We are here to answer any questions you have.  We believe in being transparent every step of the way so that you can feel empowered and confident throughout this process.  You can reach out to us here.


What if I schedule an appointment and get an offer, but then decide not to sell?

We provide you with an offer free of charge and with no strings attached.  If you decide not to sell, we completely respect that.  Selling a home is a big decision and we want you to feel confident every step of the way.


How does the house buying process work?

1) Submit your info here and we will get in touch with you to get more info and schedule a time to view the home.

2) We will determine what we are able to offer you for the property.  Don't forget, we will be assuming any back taxes, closing costs, repair costs, and any other fees so that you don't have to put a time into this process.  

3). If you agree to accept our offer, we will set a closing date that works with your schedule.  Closing will take place at an attorney's office.  There, we will complete all paperwork and you will get your payment for the full agreed upon amount.  No surprise costs or fees on your end.  

Ready to get started?  Contact us today.


Who typically sells houses to My Deal Place?

People from all walks of life sell to us, but they all share one thing in common: They want to sell their home now, without all the hassle of a traditional listing.
Here are just some of the reasons people sell to us:

  • Inherited a property they can't (or don't want to) care for.

  • Want to unload a rental property with problematic tenants.

  • Relocating or job transfer.

  • Going through a divorce.

  • Falling behind on mortgage payments and facing possible foreclosure.

  • Not wanting to deal with a structural or repair issues.

  • Simply moving, but not wanting to mess with repairs, painting, or cleaning.

  • …and more

Want to learn more?  We're here to help.  Contact us today.


Will you pay market value for my house?

We are real estate investors. We invest time and money to renovate houses therefore must usually get them at a discount.  However, there are exceptions to this.

Selling to My Deal Place provides a number of benefits to you These include the following:

  • There’s no need to deal with realtors or realtor commissions.

  • We cover normal closing costs. 

  • We buy “as is,” so you don’t have to worry about repairs or cleanup.

  • We close on your schedule when you’re ready.

  • If you’re in a rush, we can close quickly so you can move on.

  • We can help you avoid foreclosure, which can harm your credit for years to come.

  • We can pay back taxes or other fees that you've accrued that you may be unable to pay.


What do I need to do to prepare my home to sell?

Nothing!  No need to make any repairs or even clean.  We will take care of all of these tasks for you to make selling your home as easy as possible.


How do you determine the amount you offer me for my home?

Before making you an offer, we will evaluate a number of factors, including the following:

  • The current condition of your house.

  • The approximate cost of repairs and renovations required.

  • The amount of time it will take to renovate your house.

  • The future “post-renovation” value of your house, compared to other homes in the area.

  • The amount of real estate commissions required to sell your home after renovation.

  • The cost of maintaining the house until it’s ready to sell, including insurance, utilities, taxes, loan payments, and more.

The estimated future “post-renovation” value of your renovated house, minus these costs, helps us arrive at the offer that we make.

Are you ready to discuss the next steps?  Fill out our contact form here and we will contact you promptly.

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We look forward to working with you.

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